What is this?

This newsletter will serve as a relay for my research blog.

What is it going to talk about?

My PhD thesis was on how real-world annotations in digital pathology (think “experts who disagree with each others” and “things that are so difficult to annotate that mistakes are unavoidable”) affect deep learning algorithms, and how we evaluate them.

As a postdoctoral researcher, I am now working mainly on “multimodal registration”, i.e. how do we put together images coming from CT, PET, MR, and digital pathology, so that we can get a full picture of the studied object.

More generally, I’m likely to talk about the use (and misuse) of image analysis and artificial intelligence techniques in medical imaging.

How often will I bother you with emails?

My posts have been very irregular in the research blog, but I hope to get that under control a little bit. I plan to send the newsletter at most once per month, but this is liable to change. The goal is not to have one email sent per post on the blog, but rather to have a summary of what I’ve written, and potentially links to other interesting stuff.

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Image analysis and artificial intelligence in medical imaging, and possibly other stuff.


Adrien Foucart

PhD in biomedical engineering. Lives in Brussels, Belgium.